Xenosys XD Dental Headlight

Xenosys XD Dental Headlight

Product Details

Xenosys XD Dental LED Headlight offers an unbeatable lighting solution for modern dentistry.

Up to 22 hours of continuous use per charge

Up to 29000 lux brightness

Perfectly even lighting - no "hot-spots" just bright even lighting (80%+ uniformity)

Light and comfortable and easy to wear

Charging time less than 4 hours

Wear with loupes, glasses, or with headband

Included protective carrying case to protect your investment

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XD Bulb Closeup

XD Bulb Closeup

Universal fitting for all loupes. Lifetime warranty for bulb

XD on Loupes

XD mounted on Loupes

Loupes mounted for comfort. Light and comfortable for all day wear

XD Light Control Unit

XD Light Control Unit

The XD Light control unit is simple to operate, even when it is within the pocket of your smock. One button controls on/off, another cycles brightness levels. No searching for hard to operate controls

XD Light Protective Carrying Case

XD Headlight Protective Carrying Case

XD Dental Headlight comes with a virtually unbreakable protective carrying case to safely protect your investment from any damage