Vectec Trocars

Vectec Trocars

Product Details

Vectec single use trocars are made in France and offer significant beneifts

Absence of metallic parts provides safety from electrical risks

Light weight of the trocar combined with a specific thread offers excellent stability together with minimal trauma onto the abdominal wall

Transparent cannula provides maximum visual control for the operator

Funnel-shaped head of the cannula facilitates instruments insertion, using one hand only

Conical tip with lateral ridge spreads the muscle fibres apart, thus reducing trauma to the tissues

Highly competitive price keeps costs within budget

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Vectec Trocars Funnel Head

Funnel Shaped Head

Funnel shaped head allows instruments to be easily inserted one-handed

Vectec 5mm Trocars

5mm Vectec Trocars

Range of lengths available, with and without insufflation ports

Vectec Trocars conical tips

Vectec Trocar Tips

Conical tips for less tissue trauma

Vectec Trocars Stabilising Threads

Vectec Stabilising Threads

Vectec stabilizing threads/stabilising threads hold the trocar safely in place throughout the procedure