Vectec T-Lift Tissue Retraction System

Vectec T-Lift tissue retraction system

Product Details

Vectec T-Lift tissue retraction system is used to increase operating space, to hold and improve exposure of an organ during laparoscopic surgery.

Stable and efficient hands-free tissue retraction

Easy to use

Percutaneous access: no incision, no additional trocar required

Reduces or eliminates requirement for steep trendelenburg positioning

Quick and simple adjustment of retraction height during surgery

Stable and effective retraction

Device is clearly marked for easy deployment and operation

A low cost, simple solution to aid your visibility

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T-Lift T Tip

T-Lift "T"

Strong enough to support even heavy structures

T-Lift Marks

T-Lift marks for easy deployment

Clear marks make deployment simple

T-Lift Pack Contents

T-Lift Pack Contents

Each pack contains 2 T-Lifts to save time and money

T-Lift in use drawing

T-Lift in use

T-Lift in use to retract tissue giving adequate operative space