Vectec T-Lift Laparoscopic Scissors

Vectec Laparoscopic Scissors

Product Details

Vectec single use laparoscopic scissors offer constant cutting quality throughout the procedure

The light-weight handle has a standard HF connector for monopolar coagulation that can be used with all cable models

An adjustment knob allows 360° rotation of the blades facilitating the surgical procedure

A white coloured knob helps identify the instrument during surgery

A single use monopolar cable fitted with standard 4 mm plug is also available under the reference CAB 3000 (sold separately)

The highly competitive price keeps costs within budget

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Vectec Scissor Tips

Scissor Tips

Scissors Rotation Knob

Vectec Rotation Knob

360 degrees, and white colour contrast aids in easy identification


Vectec Instrument Handle

Handle can be with/without ratchet, and connector can be axial or radial

CAB-3000 monopolar cable

CAB-3000 Monopolar cable

Excellent Vectec CAB-3000 monopolar cable - fits all standard instruments. Fits securely with excellent performance and no more loose connections